Project Management

Startegic advice for board members, managing directors, executives

My experience as a project manager, many years in leadership positions, as well as countless restructurings, enables me to not only develop practical suggestions on how a PM organisation should be set up in your current structure in order to handle projects with minimal friction, but I also provide insight into the facets of the emerging areas of tension and the resulting leadership aspects for successful PM.

Tension between the functional/line departments for development, procurement, production, sales and finance versus the project manager as a generalist.

In addition:
Strategies in case of deviations at project milestones.

Analysis: Do flat hierarchies always mean more efficiency?

Johann Wolfgang Goethe:

The truth must be repeated all the time, because the falsity around us is preached again and again, in fact not by individuals, but by the regiment. In newspapers and encyclopedia, in schools and universities, everywhere the falsity is on top, and the falsity feels well and comfortable, in the sense of reflecting the majority, who is on its side.

(My translation).