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Future Mobility
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Start-Up Support, Special Missions,

Company Building, Project Management, BA


Founder & CEO: Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Nessenius. 


Together we develop:

  • The cool pitch
  • Evaluation of the idea, identification of potencials

  • Layout, branding

  • Development of the variants of the businessplan

  • Live presentation and send-out

  • Contacts to professional partners for Design, Marketing, Wire frames, App- and backend development

  • Company structure / team

  • Introduction about the world of the investors

Project Management and Coaching:

  • Take-over of Special Missions of technical or organsational kind

  • I am a professional for Project Management in doing, as well as in structural / organizational questions

  • Personal Coach for Leadership and Life

  • Self responsibility, listen to your body
  • Unconventional creative strategic thinking outside of fashion trends


Where do you find me ?

Residence and Head Office:

D-10785 Berlin


... and everywhere where required.

I bring experience from 30 years in the Automotive Industrie as engineer, project leader and senior manager within several companies and countries, combined with the experience within the actual digital szene in Berlin and from BA investments in several innovative companies.



Dirk Nessenius

Now available:

Collaboration with:

Design, Marketing, UX, Company Building:

Every brand has a story to tell. We help brands to find their purpose and visualize their identity to create a unique customer experience on every touchpoint.

We are keen to influence brands drive green marketing to empower behaviour change and enabling a climate-positive lifestyle.

Sucessful Fund Raising

Stern house boat


The different kind of advice

Contrarian means non-conformist. Who is doing what everybody does will achieve about the same results. Differentiation is a successfactor, as Porter already described in his strategies. And to question everything does not mean by default the necessity of introducing trendy recipes, but means also to identify proven methods.