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Professional career.


I grew up in the countryside, mobility was always important. The degree in "Fahrzeugbau" was a baseline for 30 years of automotive industry, in different companies at different places and countries, with an uncountable broad variety of experiences.

Now follows the digital revolution of mobility and I am part of it.


Dirk Nessenius


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Agile Sprints


A new invention ?

During my first employment, I had a job in 1991 as the only engineer in a team of four. All decisions were made within that team. several technical changes, tooling changes at suppliers, process changes in the factory. When new components arrived, we fased them in for trials in the series production and made the assessments together with the relevant people.

In project reviews, we presentet our results and plans, without hundreds of people asking questions. After finishing this task force, all the monetary and administrative points were brought to an end.


Is it possible, to work that way today ?

More and more administration, organisational requirements and mistrust hinder agiles working, even though there is a lot of noise about agile teams. We do not only have to question our processes, we need fundamental change and trust, make empowerment real.




Think out of the Box

Avoid Dunning Kruger effect at all hierarchical levels.




„A contrarian isn’t one who always objects — that’s a conformist of a different sort. A contrarian reasons independently, from the ground up, and resists pressure to conform.” Naval Ravikant