Founder Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Nessenius. The GmbH will be terminated end of 2024 and I continue as Freelancer.


In addition to business consulting, Contrarian also offers services that may be of interest to private individuals:

Management Consulting Start Ups and Small Businesses:

  • Strategic development / growth plan

  • Company structure / Team

  • Leadership / Coaching

  • Digital issues, servers, apps, web design ...

Developping the pitch:

  • Storyline, layout, branding

  • Identification of the key points/themes to be communicated

  • Strategic reduced business plan

  • If required, cooperation with DIGESO for professional branding, (web) design and marketing

  • Send-out and live presentation (incl. coaching and introduction to the world of investors)

  • Approach with investors, contacts


  • Implementation of an effective Project Management - see PM
  • Business Development

  • With my background as an executive and technical as well as project work in the automotive industry, I can answer complex questions about organisation, structure, leadership and change management (for example line, matrix organisation, functional development).

  • Personal coaching in leadership and life, self-responsibility, paying attention to the body

  • Clients confirm my unconventional and creative thinking outside of fashion trends

  • Automotive: I have strong overall vehicle competence incl. strategic issues 

Smart Home:

  • There are countless smart home systems on the market. I am happy to share my experience with "Elements", "Homematic IP" and "Homematic", representing online and offline systems.

  • I help you get started with basic comprehension questions and sample configurations.

  • I am independent and do not sell Smart Home systems

Changeover Windows - Mac, as well as Home Server:

  • Are you thinking of switching from Windows to Mac and wondering what this means for you?

  • We discuss your situation and I show you what it means for you.

  • I help with the actual switch

  • I am independent and not a certified Apple dealer. Due to extensive personal experience, also with customers, I can give you help from a user perspective.

  • I run Synology home servers for myself and for customers. These offer countless functions such as their own cloud and back-ups. If you are thinking about having your own server, I can introduce you to Synology and help you with the basic installation.

  • Here, too, I am independent and not a certified dealer and advise you from the perspective of an ambitious user.


The different kind of advice

Contrarian means non-conformist. Who is doing what everybody does will achieve about the same results. Differentiation is a successfactor, as Porter already described in his strategies. And to question everything does not mean by default the necessity of introducing trendy recipes, but means also to identify proven methods.

Partner for ERP software: Individually best fit configurations.

My Cooperation Partner

Digeso is a Berlin based design and marketing studio. We create, design, and sharpen brands, develop branding interfaces like web-services, websites, mobile apps and guide growth marketing.

Every brand has a story to tell. We help companies stage and visualize this story and communicate their identity digitally. For more than 25 years we’ve been in the business of creating, maintaining and evolving brands.

Business Consulting

  • Trend & Market Analysis
  • Target group analysis
  • Marketing Automation

Identity & Brand Design

  • Strategy & Brand Design
  • Corporate Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Style Guide
  • Spatial Branding

Contrarian GmbH i.L.

Flottwellstr. 29

10785 Berlin, Germany

The GmbH will be terminated end of 2024 and I will continue as Freelancer

soon also Zalacsány, Keszthely District, Hungary